February 23rd, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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An ice storm shut down the area early this morning, so in addition to having my kids home from school, I had my husband -- he saw on the news that there had been a 20-car pile-up just off I-270 and opted to work from home. It was a quiet domestic day; I wrote a review of "Peak Performance" and attempted to edit some web pages, apaulled worked, the kids played various games, we all had homemade Toad in the Hole for lunch because Paul had found a recipe and wanted to try it and I never turn down Yorkshire pudding in any form! (Turkey sausage is probably cheating, but oh well.) So yeah, again, not a lot to report, not even actual snowfall as we got less than half an inch.

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My head is finally, slowly unstuffing which is all to the good, especially as I got a package of Crazylibellule & The Poppies perfume I had ordered with lots of awesome samples, including a perfume called Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun, which is just a cool name. Watched SGA's "The Kindred" which definitely had its moments -- Collapse )