February 25th, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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We were going to go to the maple sugaring festival at Wheaton Regional Park and to see the orchids at Brookside's greenhouses there, but all the parking lots were packed and we finally gave up, stopped at Rodmans to get Bombay potatoes and went to Cabin John to hike a bit on the muddy paths by the creek. It was much warmer than yesterday, so a pretty afternoon to be outside, although I have no stamina at all after all the coughing I've done in the past couple of weeks.

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Since it's Oscar night, I am delighted to share this article about my Uncle Paul that was in the Sunday Washington Post, on his job as a congressional liaison working with Hollywood film teams: "Need a Senator to Promote a Film? This Aide Could Make It Happen." Of course I watched the Academy Awards -- I always do, even in years where I haven't seen the majority of nominated films like this one. As Jon Stewart said, Hollywood needed a hug this year and thank god for teen pregnancy for some humor. Collapse )