February 26th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Adam has finished working out his schedule for next year (he's taking Chinese), parents are home from Mexico, living room is reorganized after inheriting parents' stereo cabinet and Daniel's room is almost -- almost -- reorganized after old stereo cabinet was moved up there. (Cleaning older son's room is an experience in terror; he had four-year-old slippers and Halloween candy from god knows when hidden in a big pile of stuffed animals -- at least the candy was all wrapped but it was never allowed to be upstairs in the first place.) And yeah, you can tell what an exciting day I had, so have some photos of the mares and foals at Hanover Shoe Farms last weekend:

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I am looking into buying a VR lens for my DSLR before our next trip and have to figure out which filters I absolutely must have and where I can get the best price with the US papers and warranty (the "best price" being deceptive given the number of gray market lenses on the market). Watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I continue to wish I liked more than I do; I've read a few people say they think Lena Headey shows more emotional range than Linda Hamilton did, and that may very well be true, but I think Linda Hamilton's single-minded fury really served her character. Collapse )