February 28th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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My kids had a half-day of school due to some county teacher thing or other -- why yes, it does seem like we had a lot of those -- so I did not get a heck of a lot done on Wednesday. I managed to get out to CVS (with both kids and a friend, meaning, we brought Peeps home with us as well as shampoo etc.) and I managed to complete a nearly full draft of something I've been trying to get written. Okay, I know I am the last person on the internet to find out about "I'm F@&#ing Matt Damon" and "I'm F@&#ing Ben Affleck" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but these video clips gave me so many hours of pleasure today that just in case there is someone else on the internet who has not seen them, I must share. I will forgive Ben for any number of Bennifers as long as he remains so willing not only to play gay but to identify himself as Matt's jilted boyfriend. *g*

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Spent the evening catching up a bit on Torchwood, though I am still two episodes behind the UK. The show seems to have taken a huge step up in terms of storytelling in the second season; maybe it's because Jack has come into sharper focus after returning to Doctor Who or maybe it's the casting, but I've really been enjoying it, like the best of X-Files but with an entirely unique sensibility and characters. Collapse )