February 29th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I'm having a quiet week, which is probably just as well. Spent the morning on the phone talking to people like perkypaduan and mamadracula, with whom I was way behind in gossip; visited with my mother, who brought me back a turquoise necklace from Mexico; folded laundry and watched A Man For All Seasons, which is a good as I remembered, though I must admit that in the scenes where Robert Shaw's Henry VIII was onscreen with Paul Scofield, I couldn't take my eyes off Shaw. Someone very wisely cut the king almost entirely out of the second half of the movie in favor of Cromwell. Why didn't Shaw win an Oscar for this film? Anyway, seeing Hampton Court Palace put me in a good mood.

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I burned the last four Torchwood episodes to disc so I could watch the most recent two so I am finally caught up with the UK! And, fine, I am finally completely over my residual dislike for Owen from the first season, even though I still like the women better. Collapse ) Must review Trek on Friday ("Shades of Gray," widely considered the worst TNG episode ever, though I don't hate it quite so much) and we are out of pita! Woe. Need to find a way to celebrate Leap Year!