March 1st, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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Personally I had a pretty low-key day, but I am very pissed off about something that happened at Adam's school. He came home with the outside of his violin case cracked and smashed -- apparently a girl he barely knows had come to the instrument storage room to look for her instrument and ordered him to help her find it, and when he said he was looking for his own, she said, "You suck. Here it is," and picked up his violin and flung it against the wall. We have already called the school administration about this and I am waiting for the place we rent the violin from to tell me how much it will cost to repair/replace the violin case; we have insurance, but I'm not sure it's covered due to acts of deliberate negligence or abuse. I don't think I need to explain how angry I am.

Otherwise I wrote a review of "Shades of Gray" -- not my least favorite TNG episode, there are certainly a couple first season that I dislike more, but definitely the most poorly executed one -- and had dinner with my parents (a mix of various Asian foods: Pad Thai, teriyaki chicken, shrimp in some Hoisin-related sauce, steamed dumplings). My mother gave my kids these magnetic puzzles that they have spent half the night working on -- you never know what's going to interest them these days!

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Watched both SGA and the SG-1 rerun afterward...SG-1 has been utterly enjoyable every time I have watched it (I really love Sam Carter) and I wonder why I managed never to see a single episode before last year. I thought Teyla was awesome on SGA but it wasn't one of my favorite episodes; a lot of the storyline seemed Star Trek-derivative, and the whole tone kept feeling like a Borg story to me. Collapse ) Then watched Jimmy Kimmel so I could get a good recording of the "F***ing Ben Affleck" video, which is still the funniest thing I've seen all year. Bwahahahaha!