March 2nd, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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After Daniel got back from working at Hebrew school, we had tuna sandwiches and went to see The Other Boleyn Girl -- our kids can generally be interested in pseudo-Tudor history, having seen everything from Anne of the Thousand Days to A Man For All Seasons to the Elizabeths (Blanchett's and Mirren's) to The Tudors, so we figured they'd be attentive. It's written as pure soap opera; I did not read the novel upon which the movie is based, but I read a couple of reviews, so did not have terribly high expectations, and am surprised to report that Natalie Portman is the first Anne Boleyn who ever brought me to tears -- Genevieve Bujold never has. That PG-13 rating is a bit deceptive, though, if you have kids you're thinking about taking: Collapse )

After the movie we went for a walk around the lake in Kentlands, since we'd gone to the theater there. We used to live across Route 28 from Kentlands when Daniel was a baby and I used to walk there with him in a stroller, so this is kind of a nostalgia trip. We didn't see any herons or turtles as we used to, but there were a few varieties of ducks and geese and a woodpecker, and it wasn't too cold in the late afternoon sun:

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It's supposed to be much warmer on Sunday so we may try again to go see the orchids at Brookside and walk around the gardens there, or we may go somewhere more local and get haircuts and do exciting things like that, depending on our timing after Hebrew school!