March 5th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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It was as warm on Tuesday as it was on Monday, though overcast all day, with big thunderstorms moving in just as I got back from dropping younger son off at Hebrew school. I had Thai food with gblvr -- tom ka gai soup, such a big bowl that I brought half of it home for lunch later in the week -- and we went to Target, where Easter is the new Valentine's Day which is in turn the new Halloween. Stuffed Peeps, plastic Peeps, egg-shaped Peeps, and all the baskets and stuffed bunnies and chicks and the disco duckies and frog that we bought because who can resist? And went to Bath & Body Works, too, because free tote bags are always worth having. Especially with orchids on them. Speaking of orchids:

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I watched New Amsterdam with quite a bit of ambivalence; lastscorpion linked me to this article in which the producers of the series claimed not to know anything about Highlander or to have read Pete Hamill's novel Forever, which screams of lying bullshit to me -- this series has nearly everything in common with the novel but Amsterdam's profession, and Amsterdam has his own Joe Dawson. Hamill said it's not worth his time to sue, since he figures he'll be dead before the case is settled and he'd rather spend that time with his grandchildren, but it seems like robbery to me, and by the time New Amsterdam aired, I didn't even want to like it. However, I must report that I did. Collapse )

I'm watching the election returns and thinking I shouldn't because it stresses me out. I mean, Huckabee being out is all to the good, but the Democrats are making me bite my nails and all this is interspersed with the flood and tornado watches in the area and the sound of our sump pump at work. Maybe I will have some Moscato!