March 6th, 2008

green little review

Poem for Thursday

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I had a sort of dorky day -- was awoken very early by cars trying to traverse the massive puddle on the street outside the house, a foot or more of water easily fifty feet across left by the torrential rains the night before, making things very slippery and treacherous even before the school commutes started, but somehow didn't manage to get a lot done. I mean, I got the laundry folded and stuff like that but I didn't get any articles written or anything. After school I took Adam to an orthodontist appointment, where he got the unwelcome news that now that his 12-year molars are coming in, he's going to lose the retainer and get braces back on in a few months, this time lower as well as upper. To console him, we stopped at Toys R Us and got the new Bionicle Makuta Icarax (if I spelled that right) and some marshmallow Peeps which he will not be able to eat next Easter. He is reading a book about a teenager who summited Everest for school, a book that I had read, so we had a nice discussion about mountaineering and the Everest IMAX and exhibits I wasn't sure he'd paid that much attention to at National Geographic.

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We had a PBS-pledge-drive music night and put on first The High Kings, a group of Irish folk singers put together by the producer of Celtic Woman -- like them, a bit on the bland side but enjoyable anyway, and they did "The Black Velvet Band," "Marie's Wedding" and other songs I love -- then Sarah Brightman's Symphony in Vienna from St. Stephen's Cathedral, which is amazing-looking (whoever did the lighting should win an Emmy, it looks at times like she's underwater or like there's light pouring in through stained glass). Sarah had me at hello in Cats and I loved her in Phantom of the Opera, whose title song she did in this concert with only passable singing accompaniment but the wonderful cathedral organ, too. But if I needed another reason to adore her forever, "Nella Fantasia" would be it; she convinced Ennio Morricone to write lyrics to his music from The Mission, which is too beautiful to be described. She didn't sing that one in this concert, but she did most of her new CD Symphony, which sounds like one of her better ones.