March 7th, 2008


Poem for Friday

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I've been fighting a migraine all afternoon that I suspect is related to the approaching low front and storms we're due to have Friday and Saturday, so I don't have a lot to report, even though it was a pretty day, not too cold. The news from Jerusalem to Times Square to various college campuses sucked, so I tried not to look at it or stress out about the Democrats eating their own and looking for ways to manipulate the voters of Florida and Michigan for their own ends. (I love -- not -- the people on my friends list threatening not to vote for Hillary or for Barack depending on what's decided about do-overs in those states; how can it possibly be "no fair" to give the voters in Florida and Michigan a say in the nomination, and how will throwing a tantrum and helping McCain win improve anything?).

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Finally posted my James Cawley interview from Farpoint; took so long because the tape, which first gave me trouble at the convention by unraveling in the tape recorder while I was talking to John Broughton of Starship Farragut, absolutely shredded twice and had to be cut and taped back together just to get it to spool. So I have no idea how much of my Marina Sirtis interview will have survived. Watched the second episode of New Amsterdam which I liked better than the first one, particularly the dialogue. Collapse )