March 14th, 2008

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Poem for Friday

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I got no sleep last night and am fried beyond fried. Kids are good. Younger son's science expo project is finished and ready to be taken to the University of Maryland tomorrow afternoon; I got some photos reprinted at Ritz and helped glue a bunch of additions to the board while son gathered new composting material, though he was also writing a terrific powerpoint presentation on Within Reach: My Everest Story (chosen for his biography book report because we had it in the house and he didn't feel like going to the library to figure out whose biography he wanted to read more). Older son was at the Naval Academy all day at the Robotics Cheasapeake Regional tournament, where it sounds like he had a fantastic time; his school was paired with a school from Hawaii and another from England, and they went out for lunch to a local restaurant where he got Maryland crab soup. I'm trying to figure out if we have time to get from College Park to Annapolis on Saturday between 2:30 and 5:30 so younger son and I can see the robot demonstrations during the down-for-dining time at the science expo.

In other science news, I was dorkily delighted by the stories about the dolphin that saved two stranded whales in New Zealand. It's fascinating that the dolphin (which interacts often with humans) understood that these unrelated cetaceans were in distress and also fascinating that they seemingly understood what it was trying to communicate when people had failed at helping the whales. I know it's dangerous to attribute seemingly human attributes even to intelligent animals, and somewhere I'm sure there's a conservationist talking about how it's a bad thing that this dolphin is so socialized with humans, but if interacting with our species is what made this dolphin willing to come to the aid of another, that would make me feel good about being human for a change.

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The rest of my day was mostly chores...CVS for stuff for older son, the mall to pick up the science project photos, (apaulled got his bonus and got me a new camera bag to fit my new lens and filters *g*), five loads of laundry that must be folded tomorrow, TNG that must be reviewed tomorrow, and finally the return of Smallville and the return of Collapse ) I know I owe lots of e-mails and comments and Facebook replies and stuff. Apologies, but this weekend is so insane that it might take me into next week to catch up!