March 15th, 2008


Lyrics for Saturday

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Younger son's science fair project is set up and approved at the University of Maryland, where he must spend several hours tomorrow without a parent around as the science expo has a rule that parents may not be in attendance during the judging. Older son has been picked up at his high school from the carpool for the robotics competition at the US Naval Academy, where he seems to be having the time of his life even though his team did not win any awards during Friday's portion of the judging (there's more tomorrow). I saw the list of speakers and it seems the Navy is using the competition as a recruitment opportunity, which I suppose is unsurprising (and some of these kids want to be NASA astronauts, and there is no place better to get on that track than the USNA). There are also business executives and Department of Commerce officials, plus patent officials, and the kids are working with kids from all over the world and seem delighted with the experience. There's a big emphasis on teamwork both within one's own group and with all the other students visiting, which I appreciate; the county science expo almost seems more competitive...and intimidating!

While the kids were at school I went to CVS (husband needed airline-friendly size tube of toothpaste), picked up my mother's mail since she's away, folded four very full baskets of laundry, wrote a review of "The Ensigns of Command", contemplated buying a mountainside flying saucer house in Tennessee, worried about viruses coming pre-installed on my electronic devices, and took a photo of the first daffodil in my neighborhood as well as red-breasted robins driving my cats insane:

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Saturday I am hoping to be able to get to two student events on two different college campuses -- the question is whether I can get to Annapolis and back to College Park fast enough to see both the robots and the science fair. Enjoy the Ides of March!