March 16th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I have spent nearly the entire day at the University of Maryland, where Adam attended the science expo alone for three hours -- parents were not allowed into the Armory during the judging -- while I walked a great deal of the campus, took some photos, visited the student union where it turned out that all the restaurants were closed for spring break, walked down to Baltimore Avenue (Route One) and found a little Korean restaurant with fantastic bubble tea, visited the Maryland Book Exchange and bought Testudo sweatshirts on sale, circled through some of the new dormitories back to the Armory and eventually retrieved Adam, who declared that he had been "bored beyond bored" during the long wait for the judges, but revived when was offered the opportunity to go out for Thai food for dinner and play Wii late in the evening.

Meanwhile Daniel texted me several times with hilarious l33tspeke messages from the robotics meet in Annapolis, where he discovered that Mac computers have the equivalent of the Windows blue screen of death and where his team made the semifinals, but because the teams must form alliances with other teams to foster cooperation and another team in his alliance had problems with their robot, his team was then eliminated. He seems to be taking this entirely in stride but apparently some of the kids from his school were very upset. He is already looking forward to next year's build season despite having spent 10-12 hours every weekend for months working on the robot, so I must declare this extracurricular an extraordinary success!

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We did go out for Thai food -- well, actually, by the time Daniel's carpool got back to Silver Spring, it was so late and the kids were so hungry that we went to the mall food court, where Adam and I had Thai food while Daniel and Paul had subs and pizza. Then we came home pretty wiped out, though naturally the kids had enough energy to catch up on all the Wii they hadn't been able to play earlier in the weekend. And I snickered my way through The Onion's "Novelists Strike Fails To Affect Nation Whatsoever." Heeee, even Hollywood unaffected!