March 17th, 2008


Poem for Monday

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It has been a day of running around to get things done, first Hebrew school and food shopping, then the science fair awards (Adam did not win but seems to have taken this in stride, as most of the middle school winners were older), then to buy cat litter and new feathers for the pesker toy, then to get haircuts, then to the T-Mobile store because my MDA has been acting up steadily in the past few weeks and today I couldn't access files stored on it, so I finally gave up and decided to try the Wing again. (Does anyone know how to remove the My5 and MyFave applications, which seem to be locked? I've managed to turn off and remove the link that makes them launch each time the phone is turned on, but I can't figure out how to delete the files or remove the program altogether.)

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We watched the first two episodes of HBO's John Adams miniseries, which I enjoyed enormously. Okay, the fact that Laura Linney is playing Abigail Adams pretty much guaranteed that I would enjoy it, and Paul Giamatti is terrific as the title character and Danny Huston and Rufus Sewell play Samuel Adams and Alexander Hamilton. Plus Stephen Dillane's Thomas Jefferson is pretty hot. And much of it was filmed in Colonial Williamsburg, even the parts set in Boston, so it looked familiar from just having been there. Collapse )

Insanely early tomorrow morning, Paul is going to New York for work for three days and I have to get older son up and out -- this is not an easy task at 6 a.m. -- so I am going to collapse and hope for a less stressful few days than I anticipate!