March 18th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I've been up since five a.m. when Paul got up to leave for the airport and I have not had any time for myself without kids around since 3 p.m., so this is going to be quick. Didn't have a very exciting day anyway -- made lunch for the kids and got them off to school, talked to my parents (one staying in New York with my sister and her kids for a few days, the other already en route home), e-mailed my husband to make sure he got to New York with relatively few complications despite a delayed takeoff, helped kids with homework projects, went to Bagel City for dinner since none of us were excited about anything I can cook. Here, some flora and fauna from the University of Maryland:

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The black squirrels (which are a variation on grey squirrels, not a different species) on the College Park campus are the darkest and shiniest I have ever seen. I get the impression that all the squirrels at the University of Maryland are fairly well fed. *g* And I am happy to report that, after the sad season the Terrapins men's team had, which will take them to the NIT rather than the NCAA tournament, the Lady Terps are the top seed in the Spokane, Washington quarter of the NCAA women's tournament, ahead of Stanford. I watched New Amsterdam but was not much impressed with this week's episode -- I really get the impression that women are interchangeable for John, the faces and clothing styles change with the eras but what might have made him progressive at one point makes him tend to reduce people to stereotypes now. And that's all the entertainment I could hope to concentrate on!