March 24th, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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We spent Easter Sunday in Baltimore, where the weather was glorious and where we met Paul's parents and his middle brother's oldest stepdaughter for the afternoon. Noelle is in visiting from college, since she couldn't afford to fly home to L.A. We had tapas for lunch at La Tasca, which was a big hit with everyone but Adam, who didn't realize that the shrimp would come with their heads attached. He was unexpectedly upset by this and didn't want to eat anything even after we moved them away, although I had brought home leftovers from a tapas restaurant near home and he ate everything, even the squid which neither my husband nor older son would touch. So he was cranky as we walked around the harbor to the National Aquarium.

Once inside the aquarium, though, we all had a good time. It was less crowded than usual, even though there were divers in the central ray and shark tank and a new dolphin show since the last time we were there, focused on how dolphins learn from play and what people can learn from their playful interactions. (There is a new dolphin, a four-month-old baby born at the aquarium, though they also lost a dolphin last week who had been ill for a long time). There were many new birds in the Australia exhibit and the flying foxes were peeking out. And the puffins were active and there was no crowd in front of the exhibit window.

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We got home late and didn't eat much dinner after the big lunch. Watched John Adams, which is still very enjoyable -- Collapse ) I restrained myself from singing the "Nah Nah Nah Nah" song to Duke fans and UConn fans because Maryland didn't even make the NCAA tournament, but now that Georgetown (my father's alma mater and my least favorite team) is gone as well, I can barely hold back! What a weird year though -- I usually pick who I'm rooting for by who I'm rooting against and which local teams are doing well, and with North Carolina still in the tournament, George Mason gone and Virginia Tech left out, I suppose I might be stuck lamely supporting UCLA out of apathy about the rest.