March 27th, 2008

little review

Lyrics for Thursday

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I got to spend most of the day with dementordelta! We went out for lunch at California Tortilla, where older son talked her ear off, then went for a walk at Cabin John Park, where younger son talked her ear off, then finally sent the kids off with my mother and watched Bride and Prejudice, plus the deleted scenes and extended songs. gblvr came over and we discussed important matters like which Barbie & Ken clothes would look good on which action figures from which fandoms. psu_jedi joined us and probably thinks we are completely insane. *g* Then apaulled came home and we all had pizza and drove to the Barns at Wolf Trap, where we met beeej plus beaniekins and her sister, and went to see Girlyman plus local folk group We're About 9:

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The concert was fantastic, as Girlyman has been every time I've seen them -- this time they did "Young James Dean" which is probably my favorite of their songs in terms of the lyrics, and they did "St. Peter's Bones," "Kittery Tide," "On the Air," "Through To Sunrise," "Speechless" and many others whose music I love. They also did the moose song, the German song and the backwards song, plus songs about Obama, Clinton and McCain of which one was funnier than the next -- "Hillary Eleison" had its charm but I think my favorite was "John McCain" to the tune of "Purple Rain." And We're About 9's Brian Gundersdorf kissed Girlyman's Nate Borofsky onstage twice, so it was all good!