March 28th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had an uneventful day compared to Wednesday. The weather was cooler and rainy, so I had to keep throwing the kids out of the house whenever it was clear enough; they spent lots of time playing Wii, reading, building with Legos and talking in both my ears at once. *g* perkypaduan came over around lunchtime and we ate the leftover pizza from yesterday, along with the kids and younger son's best friend, whose parents have gone off to San Francisco over his spring break and left him with a babysitter; I feel very badly for him but it is both loud and exhausting having an extra child in the house all day. She is a few weeks behind me watching Torchwood, so we watched "Meat" and "Adam," neither of which is my favorite where Gwen and Tosh are concerned but they both remind me of things I loved about X-Files and have lovely moments with Jack and Ianto.

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Since we were on a roll with Torchwood, we watched "Adrift" and "Fragments" after dinner...the former made me bawl, and the latter I just loved -- finally a really rocking Toshiko storyline! Collapse ) And since it's Thursday, we all watched Smallville together in the midst of this. I must admit that all the new mythology feels completely tacked on to me but at the same time, I like it and wish they'd started it much sooner, so I am ambivalent! Collapse )