April 1st, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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On Monday I discovered that I had a coupon for a free photo book on Shutterfly that had to be used by the start of April, so in addition to doing laundries, I spent most of the day making a photo book from our 2003 trip driving from Maryland to Los Angeles to Seattle and home again -- a trip we are repeating in part, though we're skipping most of the Southwest in favor of places we didn't get to in the middle of the country last time, and coming home through different national parks in Montana and Utah, though we're also visiting Yellowstone and Devil's Tower in addition to apaulled's cousins in Boise. So that's where I'll be while people are at Shore Leave and Portus and Terminus and Toronto Trek. Now I just have to make photo books from our trips to L.A. for various relatives' weddings...next time I have a Shutterfly coupon!

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apaulled got a $50 Red Lobster gift card as a gift along with his bonus at work, so we went out to dinner to celebrate, meaning that I have now eaten way too much for three days in a row, but it was worth it -- we ended up sharing our coconut shrimp, crab linguini, salmon, stuffed flounder, scampi, etc. Then we came home and watched New Amsterdam, which continues not to be as good as I wish it was but is still entertaining enough to watch, though tomorrow night I'm catching up on The Tudors now that the second season has started. (The Armory Show, with that schmaltzy stuff? Oh please.) Then we watched the Lady Terrapins (a top seed) lose to Stanford (a number two seed) in a very good game in which it looked briefly like Stanford was going to blow Maryland out, then it looked briefly like Maryland was going to come roaring back, but in the end, it was Stanford. Oh well! Happy April Fool's Day!