April 2nd, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Another April Fool's Day and as far as I know, no one played a single prank on me (unless the Doctor Who and Torchwood spoilers floating around are a joke, but I suspect that they're real). Well, perkypaduan did send me a link (for younger son) to this YouTube video by Terry Jones about flying penguins. I had lunch at Lebanese Taverna with gblvr and we walked around girl stores and bought perfume and little gifts. Then I went to Best Buy and bought Sweeney Todd. And then I came home and watched it, and it was completely fantastic, including the extras! Collapse ) Plus I watched all the extras, one of which was better than the next. Collapse )

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I still have Richmond photos, Philadelphia photos, Mount Vernon photos, National Aquarium photos and more to post, but I love this week so much, where there's new color somewhere every day. Since I'm terrible at growing anything, I had to take a few minutes to enjoy it. Collapse )