April 3rd, 2008


Poem for Thursday

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I have nothing profound to report from my Wednesday. Spent lots of the morning running every spyware, adware, defragmentation, optimization and virus program imaginable trying to figure out why my laptop has unexpectedly become so slow, came to the sad conclusion that the people who think it might be McAfee demanding more memory than the computer has to spare might be right. Edited my own work, betaed someone else's. Went to the mall in search of a gift, walked past Claire's Accessories a.k.a. High School Musical Central, spotted penguin stuff in the window, bought a metal bank and a keychain for younger son and little penguin earrings for me (we'll see how hypoallergenic the ear wires really are). Pesked cats with a plastic fishing pole with feathers on the end.

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Spent the evening catching up on The Tudors -- had missed the season premiere on Sunday and it turns out that Showtime already has the second episode On Demand, meaning I don't have any John Adams vs. Henry VIII dilemma (not that it was much of a contest; the Americans were winning). I seem to have developed a new appreciation for The Tudors after seeing The Other Boleyn Girl, which is just as much historical crack and missing all the religious/theological/political discussion and intrigue that The Tudors explores. (Plus George Boleyn is still gay.) There's still a lot of ludicrous historical stuff and things that one person did being attributed to another, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers is way more charismatic than Eric Bana as the king, I much prefer this portrayal of Henry and Anne's relationship, and Collapse )