April 9th, 2008


Poem for Wednesday

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Have spent the entire day at home with Daniel, who still has a bit of a fever and a sore throat, which means that Wednesday will be more of the same. It was fine when he woke up (only about a half hour before noon) and wanted soup, tea, orange juice and The Return of the King extended edition -- apparently he'd watched part of The Two Towers on cable at some point during his trip, probably at 4 a.m. since it seems like he did not sleep at all. But then he wanted to watch the first Pokemon movie, which is not my favorite film of all time, I suppose because it's like comfort TV to him. My only journey out was to take Adam to and pick Adam up from Hebrew school. In between bouts of making soup, toast, etc. I worked a bit on an online photo album -- I realized it might be wise to have an album somewhere with decent-sized versions of my best photos in case I want to show them to anyone in a professional context. This necessitated looking at hundreds of photos plus doing a bit of work on several of the ones taken with my first digital camera, and I'm only through 2003. But hey, if you can think of any photos of mine that I should be sure to include, please tell me -- thanks!

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Boston Legal is finally back, and although this week's was one of its more didactic episodes with two verdicts that I found implausible, I was so happy to have Denny and Alan back that I didn't care (and I forgot to start recording until well into the first half hour, woe, but I am counting on an early DVD release since it will be a shortened season). Collapse ) Am too tired for intelligent commentary on McCain, Petraeus or the Lady Vols, which is stupid because I slept relatively late and got no exercise. I think lack of brain exercise must lead to sloth! On Wednesday I shall do the more difficult Sudoku!
get critical


From killabeez first, I think, though all over now:

So I was adding some new interests to my LJ profile and found myself feeling defensive every time I typed a female name, thinking, basically, FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME, because I felt as if someone somewhere was going to be criticizing my love for them. So, anyway, then I made a list of women who make me want to say FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME. They are far from the only women who are awesome, or the only women people need to be told to step off of, but they are the top ten I feel that way about, right now, off the top of my head. If you want to argue with me about the awesomeness of any of these women, I am afraid I will simply be referring you to the subject line. THAT IS ALL.

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