April 13th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We spent Saturday in Baltimore at Mount Vernon Place and the Walters Art Museum, figuring we should do something mostly indoors in case it rained since Daniel is still recovering (and also figuring he might sleep in the car, though he talked the entire way home). I don't think I've been to Mount Vernon Place since I had a piano recital at the Peabody Institute in my teens, so it was all new to me -- you'd think I'd remember that enormous George Washington monument and the huge Gothic church! The Walters Museum is always free and has beautiful collections of Medieval and Islamic art (including lots of weapons and armor that always interest the kids), but this weekend they were having a Family Festival of Exploration and the fabulous Maps: Finding Our Place in the World, touring from Chicago -- including John Smith's map of Virginia, a room-sized three-dimensional model of a Belgian fortified town, Tolkien's original sketch of Minas Tirith on the back of a student exam on Beowulf, and a huge Renaissance map of England with a miniature Stonehenge drawn beside the oddly-spelled label for Amesbury -- was also free!

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Daniel was pretty drained after walking around the map exhibit and another special exhibit on mapping the cosmos -- photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, including one of the ultra-deep field images looking back 13 billion years almost to the start of the universe -- so we fulfilled a promise to him and Adam and went to find Walt's Cards in Dundalk, a suburb along the water up I-95. We got slightly lost because Paul had the old address written down and it wasn't there anymore, but Google Maps saved us and we are now the proud owner of some Magic Sliver cards (or Slither cards?) at bargain prices, or so we are reliably *cough* informed. I had a Blockbuster coupon for a free rental that expired Saturday night and Daniel persuaded me to rent the third Austin Powers movie so we could complete the trilogy, even though he saw it last weekend. I hadn't seen Goldmember before and I think it's actually funnier than The Spy Who Shagged Me -- more direct James Bond references and Tom Cruise playing Mike Myers is worth the price of admission!