April 17th, 2008


Poem for Thursday

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Was nearly flattened by a time-of-month migraine for much of the day...sorted more clothes to be given away for charity, created a photo book of the Gerbils of Gondor with a free Shutterfly coupon from Catster (hope they don't mind I used it on gerbils rather than cats, see it here if you'd like), was all prepared to take Adam to a 5:30 orthodontist appointment then got a call from the office asking where we were -- they had us down at 4:30, although I had 5:30 down on my phone calendar, in my Outlook and on my Google Calendar (I suspect daylight savings screwed up Outlook despite that patch they gave us last year and everything syncs with that). They let me reschedule, but not for two weeks.

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In the evening we watched The Tudors, which I'm enjoying more this season than last season; I seem to have developed the ability to ignore history entirely and take the drama for what it is, and it's an entertaining take on More, Cromwell, Suffolk, Mary Tudor (who's very pretty for a change -- a lot of times she gets characterized as ugly and thick), and particularly Anne, whom I really like, particularly her Protestant commitment; Collapse ) After that we watched "Booby Trap," the decent but not brilliant Next Gen episode I need to review on Friday -- Leha Brahms! -- and a DVD on Yellowstone National Park that our local library had, clearly not very new because the wolf population was on the rise rather than back to being hunted nearly to extinction in the park. We'll be there this summer for the first time in ten years and I can't wait!