April 18th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I used cramps as an excuse for sloth today...kept meaning to go out and do stuff but ended up spending all day playing with photos. I had forgotten that I took a really fabulous photo of the Olympic Mountains with colorful wildflowers on the hills and other lovely vacation stuff. (Reminder to self: stop thinking of this as just goofing around and start thinking more of ways to incorporate it better into career aspirations without needing to back to school for an entirely different degree). Well, and eventually went out to CVS, the food store and thrilling things like that, but didn't even get to Sears while they have swimsuits half price -- I need a new one before our trip this summer.

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Paul and Daniel are both experiencing some upheaval this week -- Paul's company has bought out another large company and as of today, they have merged in name and to a large degree in practice, while Daniel's school magnet program has had its budget slashed and there are protests and fundraising efforts in the works; he seems pretty stressed out about this, in large degree because some teachers are taking early retirement (including my own onetime math teacher Ms. Dyas) and a few have apparently been telling the students that this will damage the program's reputation and the quality of teaching.

Watched Smallville, which, as expected, finally and irrevocably jumped the shark for me: Collapse ) I'm trying to keep up with the Chesapeake Bay crab protection plans, the latest idiotic post-debate commentary, the baby born with two faces in India, the ebola virus gorilla crisis, the Fundamentalist Mormon child custody case, Earth Day plans, the Pope in DC, the situations in Tibet and Gaza and the Supreme Court ruling that murderers (and in some states other criminals) deserve to feel excruciating pain during lethal injection so as long as it's incidental rather than planned, it's legal. Some days I understand why people would rather read about Angelina and Brad.