April 19th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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Daniel has definitely shared his sore throat and cough with me. Sigh. Again I did not get to any of the sales I intended to visit -- the last thing I want to do is look at bathing suits when I'm coughing and crampy and generally miserable. Stayed home, wrote a review of "Booby Trap" (not a very good one, I'm afraid, but it's kind of a mediocre, forgettable episode in terms of plot and kicks off a long trend of dysfunctional holographic relationships culminating in Janeway's utterly embarrassing romance with a cliche of an Irishman). Had dinner with my parents -- pasta, since we obviously can't have that tomorrow. I gather I'm supposed to be pleased that the Pope visited a synagogue in New York, but he visited one that won't let women read from the Torah, so it isn't a synagogue that I would ever visit, so it's hard for me to have warm fuzzies about this.

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Watched the wonderful Sarah Jane Chronicles -- a show with a woman in her late 50s and a teenage girl as the main characters! -- Collapse ) Then watched "Voyage of the Damned," even though I watched it when it first aired in the UK; Astrid isn't my favorite companion, particularly now that I've got more Donna Noble, but it's a beautifully made episode and I love all the Poseidon Adventure references. And really, I like Astrid so much better than every single character on Battlestar Galactica, which I think I'm finished with even though Collapse ) Have a great Passover if you're celebrating!