April 23rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Icccckkkkkk. Yeah, I know you're sick of hearing me complain. Going to the doctor Wednesday to make sure it's not bronchitis. My chest rattles when I exhale and feels like someone is stabbing at the base of my throat when I cough, and I still have a fever, which makes me think something is infected even if it started as the flu. In other words, I have nothing to report on Tuesday except that election coverage gave me a bigger headache than coughing (they're going to find a way to hand the election to John Effing McCain, screw them all), and I don't dare comment on the Open Source Boob thing because my immediate reaction was not anything philosophical or outraged but more along the lines of, "Things like this are why the mass media can keep suggesting that people who go to sci-fi and computer conventions have no lives." Which is insensitive and not a proper feminist commentary at all, but it's all my brain could manage. Here, have some flowers from the US Botanic Gardens.

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So Boston Legal did "Alan and Denny Go To The Supreme Court," which was utter crack yet nonetheless more enjoyable than most actual Supreme Court transcripts I have ever read. I forgive David E. Kelley for producing an episode in which his Mary Sue said everything Kelley has ever wanted to say to Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Thomas and Kennedy even though he's perpetuating a ridiculous stereotype of big money prostitution in America (run by feminist lawyers and not mobsters, populated by beautiful, clean, affectionate, together women who've simply made a lifestyle choice, etc.) Collapse )