May 13th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I spent a very soggy Monday with dementordelta, who braved traffic through flooded Virginia to get here. Sadly, because of the rain, we could not go see goslings or Great Falls or anything scenic, and I didn't feel like fighting with traffic being rerouted in the rain so we just went to the mall for lunch. But then we spent the rest of the afternoon watching hot men -- first Daniel Radcliffe in the deleted scenes and interviews for My Boy Jack (I must say that Kim Cattrall really impressed me in the latter; it's so nice to hear her talk about something other than Samantha, though she's the only thing I really loved about Sex and the City).

Then I wanted to show her Captain Jack on Doctor Who -- I still like his character better there than on Torchwood, though the latter grew on me last season -- so we watched "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances," followed by Jack's farewell and the Doctor's regeneration in "The Parting of the Ways." My children came home in the middle of this and insisted that we watch the Dalek army, too, so younger son could show off both his new stuffed Dalek and his remote control action figure. And then I had to show Delta "The Shakespeare Code," partly because of the Globe Theatre and the actor playing Shakespeare, partly for all the Harry Potter references. And she brought me seahorse socks, a penguin magnet and a fantastic book on Legendary Britain!

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We had turkey burgers for dinner and I got four loads of laundry done over the course of the day, though none of them are folded yet. I also did some work on my bookshelves -- we have a new six-shelf bookcase down the basement for the books that have piled up on various tables, and I moved some stuff I never look at down the basement so I could move more art books and poetry upstairs. Every time local basements start flooding, I get the urge to move the heavy art books off lower basement shelves, even though we had to replace the rug and put in a sump pump not long after we moved in. At least the noisy drain cleaning of last week seems to have been well worthwhile: our cul-de-sac did not flood!