May 15th, 2008

green little review

Poem for Thursday

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The major event of my day was my annual visit to the OB-GYN to discuss such thrilling matters as familial cancer history, whether I would be a good candidate for DNA screening, whether the benefits of progesterone-based IUDs outweigh the disadvantages, the fact that emergency contraception is most effective if taken within 12-14 hours rather than the 24-48 advertised, how it would be nice to be John McCain's 96-year-old mother in terms of her health, spirit and intellect (though not, you know, to be John McCain's mother) and the fact that she and I both have sons who become very upset if they see a cat catch a small rodent. I like my OB-GYN very much and would probably think about inviting her to lunch if I knew her in some other context, but the rest of the yearly exam pretty much kills any urge to see her socially!

Then I went to the mall to meet my mother for lunch, stopping in Sears because I got there early and discovering that they have belted cotton skorts on sale for $13! And denim shorts for $9 -- both of these are half price, along with pretty much everything in the store through this weekend, and since those and a new bathing suit were pretty much my only remaining shopping requirements before we go out of town next month, this was a very successful shopping trip. (Can you tell how much I do not enjoy clothes shopping?) Also, Sears has penguin hooded towels, so younger son, who used a Bug's Life towel since -- well, pretty much since A Bug's Life was in theaters -- now has not one but two new towels for the summer. And because I know I am not the only person around who looks for penguin items, Claire's has penguin nesting dolls for $8. *whistles* Mom and I had yogurt and granola and ran into the father of my oldest friend, whom I missed at this year's Superbowl party.

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Son made us watch Deal or No Deal filmed in South Africa...if you're the host in another country, do you have to shave your head like Howie? I liked the dancing and the drummers, otherwise disliked the show as usual. Then we watched Boston Legal, in which William Shatner gets his opportunity to run for President of the United States -- he's Canadian and Kirk would have to run for President of the Federation, a thankless job if ever there was one, though at least Spock could be his running mate! Collapse ) As for the current administration, it's too little too late, but at least the Department of the Interior has finally declared the polar bear a threatened species. Wow, you noticed? But still, this is better than nothing!