May 18th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Daniel had his last day of volunteering at Hebrew school for this school year, and after he got out, we went to Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, Virginia, which was having a Market Fair as it does three times a year, but we've never been fact, the only time we've ever been to the farm was when Paul's company picnic was held at Turkey Run Park, which is adjacent to the farm and also part of the National Park Service. This fair wasn't quite as large as the Colonial fair hosted by Mount Vernon in the summers -- the farm is pre-Revolution era, so it doesn't attract so many military reenactors -- but it had lots of inexpensive food and vendors and kids' activities and at least a third of the visitors were in period costume. I did things like make a potpourri bag, try on hats and look at imported dolls and tea sets, though the kids were more interested in the blacksmith, the joyners, the chandler, the surveyor, and of course the sheep shearing.

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When we got home, we watched the second part of "Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane," since we missed it on Sci-Fi last night. I love that show so much! Not since Xena have we seen a woman mentoring a younger woman so consistently, and there isn't all the baggage that Xena had with Lao Ma, let alone the nightmare that was Gabrielle's Hope. Sarah Jane is like my fantasy teacher except that Maria does a fine job behaving like a peer -- Collapse ) Then we watched "The Unicorn and the Wasp," which is hugely fun -- not one of my favorites and I could really pass on any more storylines in which the Doctor has to help out some brilliant historical woman, but still, lots of wonderful details. Collapse )