May 21st, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I spent a very fun early Tuesday with cidercupcakes, our last in months, sadly, since she is off to Australia and then I am off across America! We had total comfort food, chicken soup and bagels, and then came back to my house and had tea and an Aero bar and watched Futurama ("Spanish Fry" and his Lower Horn, hahahahaha), and my cats cheated on me yet again as they found her lap more enticing. We discussed such matters as the fact that Supernatural has suddenly been labeled misogynistic and homophobic -- something we both got snapped at for saying a couple of years ago -- and my Sarah Jane Smith obsession, which my friend in England is encouraging by sending me one of the Sarah Jane action figures that comes with a light-up star poet. And while I am rejoicing in Whoverse, may I please thank the BBC for hiring Steven Moffat to follow Russell T. Davies as executive producer for 2010 series? He wrote my three favorite episodes -- "The Doctor Dances," "The Girl in the Fireplace" and "Blink"!

Took Adam to the orthodontist, where they had to take new x-rays and make new impressions so we can go in for a consultation about stage two of his treatment next week. Sigh. We stopped in Borders to look at penguin books and bought Daniel Raven Rise, the latest Pendragon book. Adam was pleased to read about the adopted penguin at the New England Aquarium in Boston, a little blue penguin whose parents didn't care for him so two biologists are mothering him instead. (Adam wants to do this for a living, if he can figure out exactly what job to get.)

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Did some reading for a change instead of reshelving books, then we watched Left for Dead: Miracle on Everest, the National Geographic show about Australian climber Lincoln Hall, who stopped breathing in 2006 on Everest after a failed 1984 attempt to climb it, was left by his sherpas to save their own lives as night fell, then got up the next morning and walked down to meet the climbers coming up. Then, because Boston Legal is not on Tuesdays at the moment, we watched the season finale -- well, the series finale -- of Shark, in large part because they brought back serial killer Wayne Callison who is played so creepily by Bill Campbell. I didn't see the series this season due to conflicts with other shows, but since this storyline picks up from the end of last season, that didn't matter. Collapse )

I tried to avoid primary results, because I can't do anything about them or about how the media and blogosphere will spin them, but I couldn't avoid the news about Ted Kennedy. Love his liberalism or think he should have gone to prison for Mary Jo Kopechne's death, he's irreplaceable as a politician and an icon, and it shook me up a bit.