May 22nd, 2008

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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I needed to be home at 1:45 sharp (because I don't trust my DVD burner to start when it's supposed to) so I could record Peter's Friends on the Indie Channel for poor gnomad, who is having a terrible week. First, I ran out to Borders to return a book for Adam -- he had asked for The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, with neither of us realizing it was not a parody but a piece of right-wing propaganda until we looked past the penguin in a lei on the cover -- get him a penguin bookmark as compensation until the new Ga'Hoole book comes out, and buy some gifts for people we're going to see over the summer. Then I had a late lunch and watched Peter's Friends for the second time in a week! Daniel came home early so he could go with my mother to an appreciation dinner for Hebrew school teachers and their aides; Adam did homework, studied the design of origami hummingbirds on YouTube and helped me go through a big pile of coins looking for Michigan quarters, which somehow no one in the family managed to obtain in 2004.

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Boston Legal ran its season finale by pitting Alan against Denny, something they've done before because it's their most wrenching tactic and tends to win Spader Emmy awards. He deserves another one, representing Concord, Massachusetts in its bid to secede from the Union while an outraged, misguidedly patriotic Denny offers to represent the state. Collapse ) They don't solve the problems of America but they deserve a vacation after giving so many of them an airing.