May 27th, 2008

get critical

Poem for Tuesday

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After a morning of laundry and silly chores like reorganizing the linen closet to make room for the new beach towels, we had lunch and went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I enjoyed it in a vague nostalgic way, but in what seems to be an uncommon opinion on my friends list here where people seem mostly to have loved it, I was pretty unimpressed. Mostly because I felt like I'd seen the movie before, even though I hadn't read any spoilers. I'd have forgiven the stuff borrowed or recycled from Raiders, Last Crusade, and particularly Temple of Doom -- which I'm afraid this reminded me of the most, despite the presence of Karen Allen instead of Kate Capshaw -- but there were references to so many other franchises and films that it felt rather more like pastiche than an original creation. Collapse )

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After the movie, we walked around lake at the shopping center (just two baby geese -- the one I saw a couple of weeks ago, which is growing feathers now, and one more little fluffy gosling), then stopped in Kohl's to buy clothes for our upcoming trip. We discovered Saturday while getting dressed for the pool that older son had outgrown all his bathing suits, and I decided I should get a couple of non-ratty bras in case anyone sees my laundry. Then we came home, sat on the kids to make sure they got their homework done, had dinner and watched a Futurama episode and some basketball. I read the alleged Doctor Who spoilers from the Daily Mirror and was not excited, particularly after the BBC's mid-season trailer -- Collapse )