June 2nd, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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We spent the early part of the day at the Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo Park, which as always was wonderful. We ate lunch on the grass while waiting for Ocean Orchestra, which came on at noon and played many of my favorites -- "The Gladdest Breeze," "The Water Is Wide" (sung in Breton), "Waves," "Venus" -- plus the world premiere of a song called "Everything Glows," a combination of Punjabi Bhangra melodies on Scottish Highland bagpipes that sounded fantastic (though Jennifer warned that if you tried this particular combination in the kitchen, you would get curried haggis, which would be horrible). They also played several reels and jigs and got everyone clapping.

We walked through the craft display -- I bought tie-dye scarves -- and the House of Musical Traditions tent, which always has unusual and inexpensive instruments from all over the world, plus we got some cinnamon roasted almonds and lots of water given the heat. Then we went to hear Greentree, a group consisting of some Ocean members plus local hammered dulcimer player Jody Marshall and singer Carey Creed, both of whom we've seen in other combinations at various times. Carey described "Blue Boat Home," an Earth-centric song by Peter Mayer, as "an old hymn with new Buddhist-Unitarian lyrics." We also heard a bit of the "Jewgrass" group, the Sinai Mountain Boys, and Cletus Kennelly and Lori Kelley, who in addition to being terrific folk singers are big Lord of the Rings fans -- their album Lotus has "Eowyn's Song" on it and here they sang a song that was clearly based on The Hobbit.

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Came home, let the kids go to the pool for a bit, then we all watched Saturday night's Doctor Who, "Silence in the Library," on which I reserve judgment till I see the next part of the arc. Collapse ) Then we watched National Geographic's "Stonehenge Decoded," in which archaeologists may or may not have uncovered the lost city of the builders of Stonehenge and Durrington Walls. It sounds like they need a lot more excavation and investigation before they can be sure of their conclusions, but it certainly made me want to go back to Salisbury Plain. I guess we are not going to Universal Studios on our trip this summer; we'd thought about it, though it's expensive, but it sounds like quite a bit of it may be under repair. I just hope they didn't lose too many original films in the library.