June 3rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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My Monday was not as exciting as my weekend. I did laundry, went to Bath & Body Works' semiannual sale ($3 creamy body wash in all current scents, plus $5 Wallflowers refills), did some book rearranging, chatted with the new neighbors moving in one house away (they have a baby boy and sound like they're Russian, though they moved here from New York), and tried to take the kids shopping for new shoes after school, but the wait at the good kids' shoe store was so insane that we ended up leaving. The same mall has a Blockbuster but when the kids found out Meet the Spartans comes out on Tuesday, they convinced me to wait to rent anything till later in the week so they can get that -- we have a coupon -- and then persuaded me to take them to the card store for new Magic card packets. So the score ended up Cards 2, Shoes 0. Sigh.

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Adam wanted to watch Mr. Bean (we have the complete series on DVD) so after the hilarious adult school episode, I got him to put on "Torvill and Bean," in which Mr. Bean accidentally knocks out Christopher Dean and takes his place on the ice, hee. Then we all watched Titanic: The Final Secret on National Geographic, which was fascinating -- Robert Ballard's story about how the Navy wouldn't help his search for the Titanic unless he helped them with secret surveillance missions to examine the submarines Thresher and Scorpion, both of which went down under unexplained circumstances (with suspicion of Soviet involvement in the latter). He had only two weeks to look for the Titanic after the Scorpion assignment and couldn't tell his French partners what he was actually up to because it was classified. We also watched The Pirate Code, the story of the Whydah; the part that really gets me is the story of John King, the little boy who insisted on becoming a pirate -- he was younger than Adam is now -- and died on the ship when it sank.