June 4th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I had a fairly entertaining Tuesday -- lunch at Lebanese Taverna with gblvr and some playing with eyeshadow in Ulta, a trip to Borders to pick up a gift with a Borders Rewards coupon and a visit to Lush to get some Karma solid perfume because I was having a craving after spritzing it on myself yesterday, then a less entertaining trip to the shoe store with the kids, one of whom practically had to be tied down to be persuaded to replace his falling-apart Merrells and the other of whom refused to get anything at all since they didn't have appropriate bedroom slippers. Younger son's foot is now bigger than mine, which at least means he can't accidentally put on MY Merrells, but I had to replace his Crocs as well as the shoes and even on sale it all added up. Plus the kids convinced me that since they had agreed to be dragged out shopping, I should rent Meet the Spartans for them at the Blockbuster two doors down from the shoe store.

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Because I am a suggestible dork, I put on Epic Movie while folding laundry before dinner and laughed all through it even though I knew all the lame jokes even before I heard them this time. After dinner, we all watched Meet the Spartans, which was just as stupid as you'd expect but I must confess that I still enjoyed it more than 300. Collapse ) Now I'm watching Obama's victory speech. I hope Clinton throws her support behind him with the same fervor with which she pursued the nomination. He's still the best speaker I've heard in politics in my lifetime; I hope it gets him into the White House.