June 6th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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It was a very weird late spring Thursday in this county, with public schools closed because more than 60 of them had no power and dozens of traffic signals not working, making certain areas nearly impossible to traverse (and that's the areas that didn't have trees down in the roads, which were completely impossible to traverse). We were lucky in my neighborhood, which lost power only very briefly the day before, but the major roads between here and Paul's office had no traffic lights.

This worked in my favor, as I had two doctor's appointments that would have been difficult to reschedule this month, so he worked from home and tried to get the kids to study for finals when all they wanted to do was go to the pool, which they got to do after I got home later in the afternoon. I made a post office run to send off some Star Trek books to people and in turn got a package from the awesome ribby, who sent me lots of Bath & Body Works goodies and Edward Gorey's Fantod Pack, a parody Tarot deck with cards like the Plant, the Tunnel and the Waltzing Mouse.

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High Anxiety was on one of Cinemax's channels at 5 a.m., so we recorded it and watched it in the evening. If I tried to write down all the good lines, I'd reproduce most of the screenplay, so I will settle for quoting just my 10 favorites: Collapse ) And I appreciated this LiveScience article on the role of gender in Clinton's campaign, because I am really tired of people (no matter who they're supporting) claiming there was NOT institutionalized sexism playing a major role in how she was perceived and portrayed in the press, and LiveScience can sometimes be pretty conservative on social science issues.