June 7th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I had something of a Trekkie day, even though a lot of it was part of the process of divesting my Trek stuff. Did a whole bunch of book rearranging and yanking more Star Trek book miniseries, including some I didn't remember having. Had cats underfoot the entire time. Then wrote a review of "Deja Q", a terrific Q and an even better Data episode, plus it's genuinely funny.

And frack, I rounded out the day with Battlestar Galactica. I must remember that MooreRon cannot be trusted, that he ruins relationships for sport and pretends it's in the name of drama, that Laura/Bill is going to end even more tragically than Kira/Odo...at this point, Laura's cancer is like Chekhov's Gun onstage, and if it doesn't kill her after five TV seasons, it will seem like cheating, even though I want to break my No Miraculous Salvations rule and have her and Bill live forever. Collapse )

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On Saturday we get a private tour of the penguin facility at the Maryland Zoo that we won in a silent auction! But it is supposed to be 100 degrees...I hope we don't melt on the way!