June 9th, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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It continued to be insanely hot and humid, so we reluctantly scrapped plans to go to the Maryland Faerie Festival -- Daniel had studying for finals, Adam wanted to go to the pool, and Paul and I didn't think we could tolerate another day out in the heat, particularly since I required Imitrex to recover from the zoo heat. So I persuaded dementordelta to come over for pancakes, veggie sausage and the National Aquarium in DC, which is in the Department of Commerce building. It's much smaller than the National Aquarium in Baltimore and is focused on marine life in American waterways and surrounding oceans, so there are a few small sharks and alligators, but mostly smaller animals in exhibits based on National Marine Sanctuary ecosystems.

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Afterward, Paul took the kids to the pool, and dementordelta and I went to get strawberries, blackberries and Cool Whip and watched the first episode of Torchwood. After she went home, we went to drop off one of the vehicles which has broken air conditioning -- and believe me, in this weather, that is an intolerable situation. Then we watched HBO's Recount, which was terrific; I can't say it was enjoyable, as the Bush-Gore election ended with the exact same criminal miscarriage of democracy as I remember, but the acting's great, particularly Laura Dern's Katherine Harris, and it wasn't any more oversimplified than All the President's Men.

Hope everyone who celebrates is having a joyous Shavuot, which in addition to its connection to the Torah is a seasonal harvest holiday and as such appeals to my Earth-based Jewitchery. Oh, and there's an enjoyable article in The Washington Post Magazine about the guy who runs Reptile Wonders, who brought the snakes, tortoises and lizards we saw at Rockville Science Day earlier this year -- a home-based business that went from weekend parties to a $65,000 a year business.

Gmail At New Grass-Growing Speed

Is it just my connection/my computer/my virus software, or is Gmail (and iGoogle) completely screwed up for everyone this ridiculously hot Monday morning?

If you need me, please twitter/text, as I'm not getting mail at all.