June 10th, 2008

get critical

Poem for Tuesday

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First things first: GO DENNIS KUCINICH! I don't care if he can't make it stick, and if the same people who tried to use his proceedings against Cheney to make the Democrats look bad bury it in a couple of days. I don't even care if Obama refuses to comment because it's the safe thing to say. I just want all those 35 counts right there on the Congressional record and on the front page of every newspaper. I rewatched the end of Recount with the kids tonight because they had to go to bed last night and wanted to see how it ended, and when Gore made the speech before the Supreme Court about how Florida law protects the intent of the voter over the voter's following directions, I wanted to smack some heads in the Democratic party and point out that with their delegate shenanigans, this season they were the ones violating that principle. And then I listened to Kucinich reading out the charge that Bush's people unlawfully impeded African-American voters...of course it had to be someone like Kucinich, Pelosi's been too busy protecting her cronies and pet projects, oh god we need political reform and it's clearly not going to come from the Republicans.

In general it was kind of a weird Monday. Because we had one vehicle in the shop, for what turned out to be $850 in repairs to the air conditioner and compressor -- ugh -- Paul worked from home in the morning so that one of us could go pick up Daniel at midday, since the kids are supposed to be picked up after their last final exam each day. Then Paul was going to go in to work, but the air conditioning in his building wasn't working right and one of the execs told him to keep working from home for the afternoon. So while he worked, I ran out to CVS and Giant to get stuff he needed to make strawberry shortcake for my parents. We had dinner with them at a diner after they returned from my sister's in New York, then dessert at our house. No sooner had they gotten home than my mother found out that an out-of-town relative is in the hospital, so we are all waiting to hear exactly what's going on and worrying about him.

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So having read lots of people snarking at other fans on all sides of the spectrum about "Forest of the Dead" in particular and women on Doctor Who in general, I wanted to clarify some of my rather irritable off-the-cuff comments from the other night. Collapse )