June 11th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Not a lot to report here -- Daniel got out of school at noon after his morning exams, so I picked him up and we had lunch and he read to me from Jon Stewart's America (The Book), which I fear he will quote on his US History exam on Thursday as well. When Adam got home, the two boys went to the pool and I folded laundry while watching Knocked Up, which I enjoyed a great deal more than I expected -- Collapse )

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Caught up on phone conversations (mother, out of town friends, mamadracula), had dinner and watched North By Northwest, which Paul had wanted to make sure our kids saw before we went to Mount Rushmore this summer. The spy story still makes very little sense to me but what the hell, it's a fun movie. *g* We got curious and looked up the Vandamm house because it's so awesome, clearly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, and found this article on the architecture and design of the house-that-isn't, as it's entirely movie sets and effects shots!