June 12th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I spent a nice afternoon with robinwest, whom I hadn't seen in years and with whom I hadn't watched Landau/Bain stuff in practically a decade! We met at the mall near her doctor and went to Jerry's, since I was with Daniel (who had no school, as it was closed for graduation), then came back to my house and watched Mission Impossible -- the wonderfully fun "Illusion," in which Cinnamon poses as a cabaret star to bring down an Eastern European secret police chief, and "The Play," in which Rollin poses as an Eastern European actor and Cinnamon as a hippie American playwright to ruin a corrupt Minister of Culture. I love that show in the Landau/Bain years...ironically, since I didn't like the Leonard Nimoy episodes, which I saw years before those! In the late afternoon I went to pick up a cat carrier from a very friendly freecycler who's moving from a big house to a condo, causing much consternation and mewling when I came home with 1) a dreaded cat carrier that 2) smelled like an unknown cat.

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My children are so excited that Thursday is the last day of the school year; getting Daniel to study for his last two exams was not easy. My parents are going to New York to see my uncle, who is doing a better from what my mother tells me, so I sent him a copy of the John Adams miniseries so he has something to watch while he's recuperating. Then I watched Saving Grace, which dementordelta loaned me months ago and I only just glanced at and said, "Gee, I should watch that!" I enjoyed it a lot; Brenda Blethyn is terrific as always, the Cornwall scenery is magnificent, there's a scene where a guy pretends to be a stoner Dalek, and what's not to like about a movie where a whole town gets high off second-hand smoke, really? It's kind of a British family-friendly version of Weeds!