June 13th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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In honor of the last day of school -- Daniel had English and history exams postponed because of the power outages last week, Adam had a music test identical to the diagnostic at the start of the year to see how much they had learned -- I took my kids, who got out at lunchtime, to Bagel City and then the pool. Daniel isn't feeling terrific (he has a cold again) so he was here most of the afternoon and watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with me while Adam was swimming and eating ice cream with his friends (most of the seventh grade belongs to our pool, it seems). It's not as hot as it was at the beginning of the week but it's still plenty hot after spending any time out in the sun.

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In the evening after dinner, dementordelta picked me up and took me with her to registration for con.txt, where I saw lots of people I knew including gblvr, neotoma, rubyrosered, gnomad, barbana, meri_oddities, treewishes and several people I am undoubtedly forgetting, plus I finally met swtalmnd who is a good friend of many of my fannish friends. There was much discussion of fannish loves and fic and journals, and there was a getting-to-know-you questionnaire on which one question was Ginger vs. Mary Ann and I said Mrs. Howell, which is probably why I matched up with few fannish soulmates. I really suck at conventions -- the panel aspect feels like work to me, since I've gone to so many where I actually was working for Another Universe or TrekToday, and I'm no good at group schmoozing. I'm so much more comfortable in smaller groups!

Happy Friday the 13th!