June 14th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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The kids celebrated their first day out of school by sleeping late, eating blueberry bagels for breakfast, playing video games and going to the pool for several hours. In and around getting stuff for them, driving them, feeding them, etc., I wrote a review of "A Matter of Perspective" and returned a bunch of phone calls (my medical tests from last week were all fine, knock wood!).

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In the evening dementordelta picked me up with a pro writer friend of hers for dinner with rubyrosered, gnomad, swtalmnd wyomingnot, brevisse and vertigo66. Then we went to Disco Duck at con.txt where I got to hang out with ann_tara for the first time since the heyday of Voyager fandom, and many other awesome people whom I won't even try to name here because I'll certainly forget someone and be sad later. It was lots of fun and I met lots of cool people. Then I came home and watched Battlestar Galactica, about which I can say only: Moore,Ron this is so very you and your legacy. Earlier I read an interview summarized at TrekToday with you bragging about how Gene Roddenberry was a great idealist while you are a great writer, and I would just like to note that I will take Roddenberry over you every single time.

Tim Russert: Much too young.