June 18th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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It was a better day than Monday, though my children might disagree; on the positive side, the pool was open so they got to swim, but on the negative side, they both had their annual check-ups and Daniel needed two shots while Adam needed three (including tetanus, which I recall from recent experience is very uncomfortable and continues to be so for several days). To add to the indignity, the doctor predicted that based on the growth curve, Daniel will probably be 6 feet tall, whereas Adam will probably be a couple of inches shorter. They're both right on average for weight for kids their age and had no suspicious conditions otherwise, phew! To console them after this woe, we met Paul for lunch at Minerva, the awesome Indian restaurant, and they got to play video games while waiting for the food to digest before going to the pool. I had a good day just because Plaxo worked perfectly and my calendars are all in sync and I am absurdly relieved about this!

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I finally caught up on the two first season Torchwood episodes I had never seen -- "They Keep Killing Suzie," which I had avoided because a couple of people told me they thought I would really dislike it (it definitely wasn't my favorite but I enjoyed it vastly more than "Countrycide," particularly Gwen's role), and "Random Shoes," which I really loved (again, Gwen more than anyone else, though there is a lovely Jack/Ianto moment in there). Have spent the evening watching the Celtics blow out the Lakers and working on trip planning stuff. We will be right near this Utah dinosaur discovery, though it sounds like they don't want people around -- Goblin Valley State Park, where Galaxy Quest's battle with cute little aliens was filmed, is close by. Wednesday I must prepare for even more woe and misery, as the cats are going to the vet for their shots!