June 19th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I committed the ultimate act of cruelty on this beautiful, cool Wednesday, when apart from an evening thunderstorm, the weather could not have been more beautiful. I took my cats to the vet. Daisy did not actually need a checkup or any shots, but I figured we'd take her along to make sure her paperwork was in order in case she needs to be around other cats; Rosie and Cinnamon both needed their rabies shots and yearly check-ups, since they're both considered senior cats. The only thing more pathetic than the chorus of mewling in the van was the frantic yowling when the vicious vet did things like weighing the cats, examining their teeth and looking into their ears with the Ear Examination Instrument of Torture. Not to mention the Stethescope of Suffering and the Eye Dilation of Doom. The kids were quite bemused by the levels of hysteria -- they were much better behaved for their shots, and didn't hiss at anyone.

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We had dinner with my parents, whose wedding anniversary it is, and who are going back to New York to see my uncle who is still in the hospital. Then we had a quiet evening watching Star Trek, baseball, and some footage from Tim Russert's funeral, which was oddly very inspiring and upbeat...he was a man with a lot of life to share. I was amused to read that Angels & Demons won't be allowed to film in the churches of Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria because the film "does not conform to our views," according to the Church. Oh, and I'm laughing so much that Joan Rivers got thrown off a British TV show for using the F word to insult Russell Crowe! I can so see her sticking a microphone in his face to ask who designed his suit, and him telling her to piss off in more polite terms than she used about him. And now she's milking the publicity, which is more than she's had in years for anything but her facelifts!

Hope everyone in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri is all right...those photos of the levees overflowing are very scary.