June 24th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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We took the minivan in to be inspected and have all its fluids changed, since we just got back from an unexpected trip and are going to put thousands of miles on it next month, which meant that I was stuck in the house most of the day. The kids went to the pool in the late morning while the weather was nice and stayed till it turned dark late in the afternoon. I did laundry and sorted stuff we'll need to bring on vacation. Tuesday when we pick up the van, I want to stop in the mall that's next to the car dealership so I can get some solid perfume since that's easiest to use while traveling -- besides Lush's Karma, which I love, and Crazylibellule and the Poppies' Toi Mon Prince, I need suggestions! Anyone have anything vanilla/fruity or Nag Champa/patchouli that's not too strong but doesn't disappear as soon as you put it on?

Here are a series of photos of the red-winged blackbird that we saw attacking a much larger great blue heron who appeared to be completely disinterested in it. I did not realize at the time that they build their nests in marshes and will attack anything that appears to be threatening, though given its movements in the time we were watching, I suspect the heron was looking for fish rather than baby birds.

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I keep meaning to post about Thursday Next: First Among Sequels, which took me an insanely long time to finish because my husband borrowed it to read and then it disappeared into a stack of books in the basement, only to reemerge when we got a new bookcase. After the library episodes of Doctor Who, which were clearly written under Jasper Fforde's influence, I sent a couple of the Thursday Next books to a friend whose birthday is this week. Thus inspired, I finally reached the end of the most recent, which I was in no hurry to do as it's a long wait between books and I love them so. Now I wish to quote some of my favorite bits for posterity. Collapse )

I won't quote George Carlin since so many other people have, though he will be missed here, too.