July 6th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We are still in Salem visiting Paul's youngest brother and his family, including twin five-year-old boys, a part lab, part pit bull named Sam, and a mostly shy cat named Edmund occasionally called "Vicious Bastard" by his tenants, since he has been known to claw people at random. I was awoken insanely early by a neighbor using an electric saw in the yard after being kept awake most of the night by repeated Union Pacific trains whistling very near the house, so I am a bit unfocused and blathering even more than usual. We had a nice morning, walking to the state capitol and Willamette University, then to the Salem Saturday Market for lunch (teriyaki noodles and water ices, plus blueberry pie for after dinner) and browsing the craft tents. In the evening we had enchiladas and watched The Search for John Gissing which my in-laws had not seen.

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My great accomplishment of the day was managing to download Doctor Who's "Journey's End," which I liked though did not love (like much of the season, the promise exceeded the execution) yet was very pleased to be able to see nonetheless, as my entire family was most anxious to learn the fate of the Doctor and everyone else. Collapse )