July 14th, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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We had a lovely relaxed Sunday first with my uncle Mickey and his family in Castaic, then with our friends the Foleys in Northridge who also have a swimming pool, and dogs (three Keeshonds) plus cats (two) and a parrot and snake, all of which are extremely popular with our kids. Plus they have an older teenage son who has Halo for the Xbox, which is equally popular. We had lunch and hung out at their house in the afternoon, then went to my brother-in-law David's vegan restaurant, Madeleine Bistro, where he fed us every appetizer on the menu, wonderful main courses and every dessert. *g* His four kids are vegan but neither my uncle's family nor our friends are even vegetarian, and everyone loved the food!

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We are going to the beach on Monday, hopefully one with tide pools and waves that aren't too big to swim in (if the Pacific is not too cold to swim in near L.A. as it was in San Simeon). We are all looking forward to this!