July 16th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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We spent all day Tuesday at SeaWorld in San Diego after leaving our friends in Los Angeles. We would have liked to have stayed longer in L.A. but SeaWorld was amazing. When we arrived, we went to the otters, then the ray feeding tank, then the sea turtles, shore birds and tide pools near the grill where we ate lunch; then we took the Penguin Experience tour, where in a group of 10, we got to go into the penguin feeding area with an aviculturist and a Macaroni penguin whom we got to pet and examine, then we got to go into the very cold indoor penguin facility where there were King and Adelie penguins within touching distance had we been allowed to do so; the Emperor penguins were isolated on the other side of the exhibit because it's their breeding season and they were pairing off, and it's Antarctic "winter" meaning that the facility is kept very cold and dark, but it's still entirely awesome to be so close to the birds.

We saw several performances in the afternoon, including the Orca show Believe (younger son dislikes Shamu as a matter of principle because killer whales eat penguins, but older son liked it a lot); the dolphin and pilot whale show, with lots of jumping and spinning and splashing; the "Pets Rule" show in which rescued dogs and cats demonstrate some of the tricks they have learned while the keepers make a pitch for adoption of companion animals; and Sea Lions Tonite, in which various less-glamorous animals help the trainers poke fun at all the other shows in the park (their sense of humor about the Shamu-worship promoted all over the rest of SeaWorld is really delightful). We also visited the Arctic zone with belugas and polar bears, the sharks, the manatees, the fresh-water aquarium and most of the smaller exhibits, though we never managed to go on any of the rides. It was a really fabulous day and I could easily go back for another full day there!

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Next up: the Maritime Museum and HMS Surprise!